Community Strength

Measuring the activity of the project & it's following strength.
On this metric we quantify a "Strength Rating" for a project-community. Currently, only objective variables are taken as input (i.e. Twitter followers, Subreddit growth). More inputs will follow over time.
We measure the following for a rating:
  • Twitter Followers: Since most of the space thrives on Twitter, the amount of Followers is an indication about how many people use, talk or read about the project.
  • Subreddit Subscribers: Usually, once a project formed a stable community, a subreddit is formed. The more subscribers a subreddit has, the more of a community exists.
General Activity Metrics: Measuring the activity metrics on social-platforms is tricky - and this will evolve over time. A good guideline is: The more activity on Reddit, the more of a tight-knit community supports the project.
  • Subreddit comments p. Day: An insight about the commenting activity on the Subreddit. The more comments p. day, the more active a community is in discussing project-related topics. It's a gauge for how many participants are partaking in discussions. Data shown in the chart is updated daily.
  • Subreddit posts p. Day: This indicates the sharing of news, investments write-ups or questions about the project. If people wouldn't care about the project, they wouldn't post i.e. positive/bad news or open discussions. Data shown in the chart is updated daily.
  • Twitter, Hashtag mentions: TBD