Team Strength

A rating to measure the execution strength & credibility of the project team.
  • Background of founders: A quick background check on the founding team. Important because a highly technical background for a highly technical project signals higher possibility of project success - compared to unrelated project background. Questions we're trying to get answers for: - Are they technical? - Do they have relevant experience? - Vetted by community? - Existing GitHub?
  • Anonymity of the founders: Giving a quick answer if the founders are known in some way. Usually, completely anonymous founders interacting with no external teams/partners in some capacity are a red flag - although there's plenty of counter-examples here as well. Questions we're trying to answer: - Are they completely anonymous (i.e. no appearances on podcasts/news articles etc?) - Are there people they might've met who are known to the community?
  • Investor backing?: While VC/investor backing gets a bad reputation, it's actually a positive in evaluating projects. Usually, some sort of vetting/due diligence is performed by the investor itself, de-risking the project from a "will it exit-scam?" venue.
  • Social Media accounts: Here we provide the most important social media accounts of the team.